New Year’s Resolutions in Edinburgh

logo CPHTEdinburgh is a fantastic place to be and if you are looking ahead to a New Year in Edinburgh where a New You is at the helm then have you thought about the benefits of using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help you to achieve your goals?

Perhaps you want to stop smoking? Or maybe you’ve vowed that this will be the year when you (finally) get on board that aeroplane and get off to the sun – without a care in the world.

Or, maybe you’re deciding that you want to do something about feeling less stressed and that you are looking to become calmer, more relaxed and less snappy? Maybe you want to diet a bit more and take control of what you eat?

David is a fully qualified and insured Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner who is based in Edinburgh. They provide an Initial Free Consultation to explain how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you in achieving your aims successfully.

The therapy works by looking forward to see what small steps you can take to achieve the goals you are aiming at in life. In other words, what you can do to alter your future for the better.

Crucially, we don’t need to explore past events with a client but, instead, focus solely on looking forwards to achieve a positive and bright future for them.

David, who works in Edinburgh, where he teaches hypnotherapy training, says, “By working with someone like myself who is a fully qualified, and insured, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner then you can have confidence that you can achieve all those realistic goals which you have been longing to do!

“If your New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking then we can help you achieve that aim in a single session, lasting for around two hours.”

“If you are looking for help with weight management then we tend to work with a client for a number of sessions so they can gain control over their eating and so look forward to a healthier future.”

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help in a variety of areas including sleeping, reducing stress and improving someone’s confidence.

“Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh can literally transform people’s lives and help them to go to become calmer, more relaxed and confident in their personal and professional lives and you can learn to be a hypnotherapy practitioner in Edinburgh with the next course starting in April 2016″.

Please contact David on 0131 235 2303 or alternatively on



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