They make a difference!

Well would you believe it, another course has graduated and we’ve sent our students out into the big wide world.

Whilst we feel protective of our students, we also have absolute faith that they will do a superb job and make a difference to the people they work with.  After all, they were already doing a grand job of helping people overcome all sorts of issues whilst they were on course – we’ve seen the results.

Not only do we have faith in them because we’ve seen the results, but the feedback from the students as they graduated last weekend solidified our confidence in them.

Here’s just one of the many testimonials:

It’s incredibly rewarding to ‘make a difference’.  As the graduates found out when they started the course last September, even the initial consultation with a client can make a significant difference to that person’s life.  A simple explanation of how the brain works and getting the client to understand that, usually, the problem isn’t about them but simply how a brain will respond to a certain set of situations and that they can take control.

Here’s confirmation of the above from another of our graduates:

“I totally recommend this course to anyone who is looking to change their life towards the better and help others in the process. It’s a win-win!!” (Elaine)


So, if you want to make a difference, to both yourself and others, then have a look through our website at the course content, the course dates and the fees – just click on the HPD tab above.

If you want to then give Anne a ring on 07584 414715.  She’s one of our course lecturers so will be able to answer any questions you may have.  Alternatively, email us at