What’s Been Good About EH5

Ann Harrison was a standout student on EH5 (there were many on that course, which ran despite lockdown from September 2020 to Jun 2021!)

We managed to get back in to the classroom for Module 10 (Jun 2021) and she very kindly wrote this poem for us:


Sitting at my laptop the other night

Had sent off my paperwork, Anne said it was right

Relieved, I took a break… mulled over some thoughts in my head

And, instead of submitting WR102… the muse struck and I wrote nonsense verse instead!


Module 1, we logged in, wet behind the ears

But Alex and Anne soon allayed our fears

They smiled, full of enthusiasm, and we smiled back at them

Our mirror neurons were firing on all cylinders

Though we didn’t know it then!


We soon learned Anne needed her coffee fix

And Alex loved his pre-course run

Just so they felt a tad human

Before the Zoom meeting had begun

Checking out our faces on the screen

Any latecomers for roll call?

Don’t forget 9.30 sharp on Sunday so there’ll be time for group trance for all!


Gulp! What? See clients straight away

Friends and family will do

To practice language patterns and trance

Crivvens! Our stress buckets were fu’!


Anne said “pull up your big girl/boy pants

You’ll be qualified one day!”

Then we discovered the sting in the tail…

By module 8 they’d have to pay!


“Aye,” Alex said, “on top of that

4 pages of Neuroscience to recite

In front of the class, live, no cheating”

Poor Lesley near collapsed with stage fright


Help was at hand in the form of Ciara

She set up our Whatsapp group

To support each other, disseminate info

And generally keep us all in the loop.


Recorded our downloads by month 3

Using a specialist if you’re no use at IT

Background Music with no infringement of copyright

For our clients to listen to in bed at night


Module 4 lying awake at night, was it indigestion?

No, simply trying to get to grips with the infernal Miracle Question

Give the clients time to answer, Anne said, Alex said up and down your fingers is the goal

But, whatever you do guys, don’t go down that rabbit hole.


Rewind and Reframe was a revelation

Module 5 lived up to all our expectations

Now we had the Protocol for Phobias and Fears

Our clients could now face spiders without panic and tears


Module 6 introduced us to Smoking Cessation

Although now in 2021 we’re more a ‘vaping’ nation

But when we try to take on clients who need to give up the fags…

they say “Oh I’ve a wee bit of tobacco left in my pouch, mind if I have one last drag?”


We’ve had brilliant guest speakers

Lyn Penman, Nicola Griffiths, Rachel Gillibrand

But a certain world champion boxer

Showed us what he could do with that left hand

Glenn Catley, inspirational (with DN)

Invented the Mongoose (a two pronged attack)

Dip the shoulder, avoid the jab, left uppercut

And his opponent was on his back!


Our Supervision Q and A became the norm

Hearing our peers problem clients and case histories

Actually went down a storm

Later on in the course we really had to engage our intellectual minds

Because we had to answer our own queries

Alex and Anne had to be cruel to be kind!


Polar bears, cavemen, Two Trees, Steel Balls

CORP, metaphors galore, this course had it all

In 10 months we’ve learned the tools of our trade

Just follow the format, trust the process

And clients problems will fade


‘What’s been good’, ‘sparkling moments’ of the course

Too numerous to mention

But best of all, Module 10 being live

Our own Edinburgh convention

Just to meet face to face

In the same room

After all can’t do elbow bumps on zoom!


I think I speak for all when I say

Support is the key word

Struggling with MQ or CORP, a dip in confidence

We know our voice would be heard

By Alex and Anne or our ‘study buddies’

We always supported each other

From now on we’re all a family

Hypno sisters and brother


So thank you CPHT Edinburgh School

And thank you Alex and Anne as lecturers you’re cool

You gave us responsibility in Module 1, you knew that was best

So now in Module 10, your fledgling hypnos” are just about ready to leave the nest.

We’ll fly in now and then for supervision and advice

Maybe sometime we’ll meet for coffee and cake

That’d be really nice

But now folks raise a glass for Anne and Alex and all the students too

Because we qualified despite the pandemic

Yes thanks to SFH we all came through


To Anne and Alex and us… cheers!

Ann’s website is: https://northhypnotherapy.com/